Ways to School

The dream of a better life through education is an ideal embodied by the way children take to reach their school.  All of them are keen to learn and instinctively know that their future depends on knowledge. In every episode ‘Ways to school’ highlights how children must brave thousands of difficulties on their way to their classroom.  For some, the journey is made on their own.  For others it is made with classmates, brothers and sisters. Some walk, take a bike or ride a horse.  Others take a pirogue, a bus, a train or a sleigh. Join Mindset on DStv Channel 319 from Sunday 8th January to witness these exciting adventures.  Ways to School broadcasts on Sundays at 16h00, Mondays at 19h30 and Thursdays at 20h00.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 - 12:00