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Mindset Learn Xtra Live brings you the best Gr 10-12 revision from 3 February. Watch the best teachers revise important concepts LIVE with supporting notes downloadable from the schedule below,for you to go through before each show..You can also interact with the studio via facebook where your questions are answered! Mindset Learn Xtra brings you revision every Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 7pm broadcasting on DStv Channel 319, StarSat Channel 309 and OpenView HD Channel 201.

For expert revision be sure to tune in on the following days:

  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Mathematics - Mondays
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Physical Sciences - Tuesdays
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Life Sciences - Wednesdays
  • Grade 12 Accounting - Thursdays
  • Grade 12 Geography- Thursdays
  • Grade 12 Maths Literacy - Thursdays

What if you miss a show?

Not to worry... all past shows are uploaded to Youtube with links posted on the schedule below.


Human Nutrition: Digestion Dissection

In this live Gr 11 Life Sciences show we take a look at Human Nutrition - Digestion Dissection. In this lesson we study the structure of the digestive system of an animal by doing a dissection.

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TV Schedule 2015

Term1: February - March 2015


Week 4



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Term 2: April - June 2015


Week 5

Mon 30 March

Gr 10 Mathematics
Trigonometry in Triangles
Gr 11 Mathematics
Functions: Changing Parameters
Gr 12 Mathematics
Trigonometry: Compound Angle Identities

Tue 31 March

Gr 10 Physical Sciences
Longitudinal Waves and Sound
Gr 11 Physical Sciences
Gr 12 Physical Sciences




Term 3: July - September 2015